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About the Blog

We are traveling best friends, who want to share our thoughts and lessons learned through our experiences. In hopes that you will get a good laugh, feel inspired, motivated, uplifted! Sorry for how terribly awkward we are. 

xoxo, Bri & Britt

A Little Bit 


Bri & Britt


When Closed Doors Lead To Long Hallways!

In my life I have had doors shut, locked and slammed on my fingers while I was pulled away screaming! I have had some good doors close on me and it was not easy to let go! No matter how good my door seemed and no matter how badly I wanted that door to stay open, there are times when God says it is time to close them and move on to something better. Whether this is a job you got fired from, a relationship that is ending, or a big move you’re not quite ready for; closing doors to rooms you love can be HARD! We’ve all heard the saying “God doesn’t close any doors without opening a new one!” I agree with this…but I also think it is rare that a new open door just shows up. I think sometimes we need to wander through the hallways for a good while, testing locks and getting lost before we find that open door!

To take this out of analogy form and put it into real life, let me give you an example. (We are going to share some very personal closed doors next week so stay tuned) 2.5 years ago I had a relationship end. It was one of those doors that slammed on my fingers as I was trying to keep it open. Now, if we are following the quote from above…I should have turned around from that relationship to the open arms of Prince Charming holding sweet potato fries, ready to sweep me off my feet, right? Unfortunately that is not what has happened. I have wandered these halls for quite some time now, trying to find that open door. I have tried many, but I have not found the “golden door” that I want. So why is that? Why do we sometimes have to wander and how do we avoid becoming discouraged in this maze?

1. Ask yourself, “What do I need to learn about ME during this season of waiting?”

I believe everything has a purpose. Sometimes good doors close so better doors can open, but it is not easy to remember that in the heat of the moment! While you are waiting for that magic door, what can you learn about YOU? In my example: I have learned a lot about me during my season of waiting! I have found out who I am, what I like, and am learning to love myself so that I can love someone else just as much! Everything we go through is meant to teach us a lesson. Whether this lesson is about discovering what we deserve, how we can better ourselves, developing patience, or which path we are supposed to pursue, we need to open ourselves up to learning! Trialessons without the lessons are just trials and that is hard! ;)

2. Who is walking the halls with you?

Take notice of all the people around you who are encouraging you and lifting you up on your journey. People have been put in your life, not necessarily to point out your door, but to walk alongside you through the dark hallways. Let them help you, love you, and remind you of the amazing door that is awaiting your arrival. Don’t become discouraged when your new door doesn’t come immediately, instead recognize all those people around you who are there for you, even when things aren’t necessarily going your way!

3. There are no dead ends, just new beginnings.

There will be times when hallways seem to lead to dead ends on your journey, but don’t be discouraged! There are no dead ends in life and no roads without reason. There were important lessons you needed to learn down that corridor and there is a new path unfolding ahead of you as we speak. I know for me personally, there have been days when I feel I have hit a rock solid dead end. Days when I don’t even remember what I am looking for anymore and the hope of happiness seems like a distant memory. I am forced to learn and look at things from a different perspective in order to find the next path I am supposed to take. Some days are meant to end in “dead ends” so we have time to sit down, reflect, and reevaluate our end goal! Just remember, no matter how hard the maze, there is always a way out!

You may look around and think, “Why is everyone else’s door so easy to find? Why did she go through a divorce 5 months ago and has already found her ‘golden door’?” or, “She just lost her job, but she’s already in a new job, making more money and happier than ever before!” It can be hard not to compare our path to the path of those around us. But don’t be discouraged, each path is different. Each one of us has our own “hardest thing.” No matter how bumpy, long, and unappealing your personal path may seem, just know that there is a door waiting open for your arrival and when you get there, everything will make sense! As our friends Miley says, “it’s all about the climb!” So keep climbing my friends…and call me if you need some encouragement on your path!


Bri & Britt

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