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About the Blog

We are traveling best friends, who want to share our thoughts and lessons learned through our experiences. In hopes that you will get a good laugh, feel inspired, motivated, uplifted! Sorry for how terribly awkward we are. 

xoxo, Bri & Britt

A Little Bit 


Bri & Britt


The Experienced Attempter

I am bad at a lot of things. Like most things? I’m bad at... Any sort of sport including a ball- bad at it. But does that mean I’m not going to try to hit a volleyball back over the net as I flail my arms like an idiot? NO! Why? Because I like volleyball! I like playing soccer with my family! I’ll even try to play a game of HORSE! - I’ll miss every shot, but I’ll still have fun!

You are entitled to hobbies. The definition of a hobby is a sport or activity that you enjoy! Nowhere in that definition does it say a sport or an activity that you are good at! If that were the case you could count all of my “hobbies” on one hand and still have some fingers left over!

I hate the idea of giving up before you have even started! For example, photography! I picked photography because I feel like it gets a bad reputation for everyone being “wanna be photographers” but there is a difference between a hobby and an occupation! You don’t have to start taking pictures and instantly create some packages for people to buy! No! But no one should stop you from trying to create beautiful images if that’s what you like to do!

I am NO Photographer! I edit my photos on VSCO and I’m an even worse videographer! I know that! I’m not offering to shoot anyone’s wedding, special events, or anything along those lines and I don’t want to! Why? Because I am not a photographer/videographer! It’s just a hobby! One that I don’t have to be good at to enjoy doing! I think it is really fun to compile videos together and basically create a live scrapbook for my trips or vacations! It just makes things more real for me and it’s fun! I don’t have the latest software for video editing- I wouldn’t even know what the latest software is and I don’t want to spend the money for it! I use free apps on my phone! IMovie is my friend! And who cares! I’m not trying to impress anyone! If that were the case I wouldn’t even think about putting a video together… or play volleyball, or even look in the direction of any sort of sport! If you had to be a pro athlete before you would play a game of football, you would be sitting on the sidelines... for forever!

Don’t let other people’s abilities discourage your fun and don’t discourage another person's fun! Don’t judge people for being terrible at something they like to do! Let people have hobbies! Take pictures, decorate cakes, put a little video together, play volleyball, learn to ice skate, pick up water coloring! You are entitled to your hobbies and just because you are not the best, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy trying new things! Let the journey of bettering your hobbies, or just starting them begin!


Bri & Britt