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About the Blog

We are traveling best friends, who want to share our thoughts and lessons learned through our experiences. In hopes that you will get a good laugh, feel inspired, motivated, uplifted! Sorry for how terribly awkward we are. 

xoxo, Bri & Britt

A Little Bit 


Bri & Britt


The Dreamers Guide To Dreaming

The other day we were going through our old notes and found our “2018 bucket-list” that we had written out. We laughed our butts off reading it and rolled out eyes just a few times! We set BIG dreams for this year and the reality is, we could be billionaires and still struggle to make all of them happen! But the cool thing is, for whatever reason, when we were writing out this bucket-list we truly believed it would happen and we were dreaming big! Now, we could focus on the “setting realistic goals aspect of all of this,” but instead, today, I want to focus on DREAMING!

As many of you know, we have been holding ‘dreamer events’ for the past couple of months. Let me explain these a bit! As kids, you can create dreams and situations in your mind and it seems like absolutely nothing can get in the way of them happening. However, the older we get, something inside of us starts to believe that ‘dreaming’ is only child’s play and we are being ridiculous if we try to do it. Maybe you want to start a business, maybe you want to travel, or build a house, or compete in the Olympics, or become a full-time blogger…whatever it is, we all have dreams we believe are unreachable. Ask me 3 years ago if I would own a company and be a full-time blogger and I would ask you what planet you were from! It was about 2 months ago when we realized we were losing out on opportunities left and right by shutting these dreams down. That’s when we started our dreamer events! We wanted to get a group of boss babes together who know what they want, but are struggling to see it’s possible. We are going to share 5 tips to make your biggest dreams become your happiest reality!

1. Put aside the roadblocks: Listen, I fully understand that life cannot be all fun and games. There are bills to be paid, people to care for, and expectations to be met. If you want to focus on all of the reasons something won’t work, I promise it will never happen. You will find reason after reason why “dreaming” is irresponsible, wishful thinking. After all, that is what society has told us for our entire lives! So for a now, stop!! Don’t think about the barriers. Put them aside and truly believe that anything you dream will happen! Take a minute right now, close your eyes, and let your imagination run wild! Put aside the potential limitations and allow yourself to dream the wildest dreams you can think of!

2. Share your dreams with others: There is so much power in sharing your dreams with those around you! People have put in your life to help you see your potential, reach your dreams, and hold you accountable. Speaking your dreams out loud makes it harder to hide them and back out, so share, share, share!

3. Start NOW: Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right.’ There will always be a reason why now is not a good time, so just do it! Now, ‘starting’ does not have to mean you quit your job, drop out of school, move across the world, and hope for the best (like us), but it means doing something, anything! Create your website and publish your first blog, start researching what product you want to sell, or start putting money aside every month so you can go on a trip. You do not need to go from 0-100 overnight, just start moving!

4. Work hard: Dreams don’t work unless you do! Deciding to take a big risk and taking your first step is not going to get you to your end destination. In order to reach your dreams, you are going to have to put in a lot of work, both emotionally and physically. There will be hard days, late nights, exhausting conversations, and nonstop work, but if you want something bad enough, you will be willing to do anything to reach it. So get ready, life does not get easier once you take the leap, just better!

"There will be obstacles. There will be doubters. There will be mistakes. But with hard work, there are no limits." -Michael Phelps

5. Not everyone will understand, and that’s okay: One promise for you…when you decide to chase your dreams, there will be a wave of people who do not support you, try to tear you down, and tell you how “crazy” you are! When people who are stuck in a routine they hate, see you finally chasing your dreams and doing what you love, they tend to get bitter. For some sad reason, people believe that tearing other’s down will lift them higher. They are wrong! Before you jump into something, be confident enough in yourself and your dreams that nobody will sway you in your pursuit!

Dreams do not have to stay dreams, if you follow these steps and give it your all, they can become your reality! Nelly opened his eyes and it was only just a dreeeeam, but you can open your eyes to a reality better than your dreams. Just take the leap!! If you need help discovering your dreams or making them a reality, give us a call!


Bri & Britt

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