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About the Blog

We are traveling best friends, who want to share our thoughts and lessons learned through our experiences. In hopes that you will get a good laugh, feel inspired, motivated, uplifted! Sorry for how terribly awkward we are. 

xoxo, Bri & Britt

A Little Bit 


Bri & Britt


"Fall" In Love with Yourself

It’s fall! That means pumpkin patches, pumpkin chocolate chip cookies, and one too many pumpkin spice flavored drinks! Then we have the falling leaves that are so pretty. One thing I really want to focus on this fall, is falling in love with myself. There are times I literally have looked in the mirror and hated the person staring back or sometimes I don’t even see the person- rather a series of imperfections looking back instead. Self Love is a process and a journey! For me, there are days when my make up is so fire that I could slice someone with my sharp cat eye and then there are other days where I feel like I resemble some sort of scary, monster, halloween costume! I am continuously striving to love myself more and more. I have been compiling a list to help myself have less of the “monster” feeling days and more of the loving myself ones. If you’re struggling with a similar situation or just need to embrace who you are a little more, here are my 6 ways to actively fall in love yourself!

1. Make a change: There are tons of ways to make changes. You can change up your hair, the way you do your make up, or it can be a change in your lifestyle! Making a change can actually really help the way you see yourself. I’m such a wimp, I don’t think I could ever dye my hair purple, or start wearing glitter on my eyelids, but one change that really helps me to remember how lucky and different I am, is my passion and love for travel! So for me, a change in scenery actually reminds me how much I love who I am! Go on a trip, go parasailing, remind yourself of the amazing things your body is able to accomplish and love yourself for it! Start going to the gym or eating healthier, take up yoga, or learn a new skill! Accomplish something you’ve been dying to do. Make a change that will remind you how great your life is and how incredible you are.

2. Make Personal Care a Priority: When I feel the absolute worst about myself, it always ends up being when my hair is a little greasier then it should be.. There have been times when I’ve been traveling and I see the sleep deprived, baggy eyed, oily face looking back at me in the airport bathroom! Let me tell you, my first thought isn’t “WOW I’m so stunning,” or “I love that person so much!” sometimes it’s the exact opposite. Make personal care a priority. Get in the routine of washing your face, using a face mask, bath bomb, spray tans, BB Hair Extensions, or weekly self-pedicures! Add some new methods for personal care in your daily/weekly routines and make time for it! Leave time to curl your hair in the morning or spend time on your make up. Do whatever you need to do to feel a little better about the person you wake up to in the mirror!

3. Get dolled up! Some may call it vain, I call it the best way to remind yourself that YOU ARE STUNNING! One thing I love to do is add a new piece or two to my wardrobe! There is nothing like rocking a brand new dress that fits you perfectly, or even just a new cozy sweater to feel comfy and cute in! We recently just got a few new items from VENUS that make our fall wardrobe feel a little more fun and new! There is nothing like catching yourself in the reflection of a window on the street or a mirror that you pass in the hallway and thinking “Wait.. I kinda look really good today!” Buy the dress, get the shoes, and flaunt the handbag, because sometimes a little added confidence, actually can be bought!

4. Self Talk & Positive Affirmations: We all know self talk is important and self affirmations are the new trend, but how well do we put that into effect? You can have someone tell your that you’re amazing until your ears bleed, but to actually hear yourself say it, is a game changer! The psychology behind the way we see ourselves stems from what we think about ourselves. If we start to change the way we think about ourselves, we will change the way we see ourselves. As we start replacing bad thoughts with good ones and hear how amazing we are from the person who’s opinion matters most, that is when we will start to make the change!

5. Be Grateful: As weird as it may feel point out not only how great you are, but actually how grateful you are! Personally: I am grateful for my motivation, my business would tank without it! I’m so grateful for the way I talk to my family and how I have created deep relationships with them. I’m grateful for my legs! I actually think they look pretty good and I can feel confident in a cute pair of shorts. There are a lot of things about myself that frankly- I’m not grateful for.. But I’m learning to be. As we strive to point out not only the good, but why we are so grateful for the good, we will learn to love bits of ourselves even deeper. If you don’t have a gratitude journal, get one! If you do, don’t forget to add the bits of yourself that you are grateful for!

I’m excited for the falling leaves, but I’m even more excited to fall in love with myself. Self love is a process and a journey, but we are in this together. If you need someone to remind you that you are incredible, if you need someone to help you point out the things to be grateful for, if you need some VENUS shopping advice, or a person to paint your toes with, give us a call! Odds are we need it just as much as you do!


Bri & Britt

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