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We're Bri & Britt

We are two best friends who love awkward dancing, mountain adventures, fro-yo, and TRAVEL! However, we find our greatest passion helping women to feel better about themselves. In a world where self love is hard to come by, we hope that BB Hair Extensions can give you that #alittleaddedconfidence that you need on your #selflovejourney. We are firm believers in finding yourself and loving that person! We are happy to be there for you on this journey! We have found our own paths on this self love journey and hope to help you do the same. We have created the life that we are so excited to live!


We are serious suckers for a spontaneous road trip or a last minute buy on a flight across the world. Traveling has become our passion. We recently dropped out of school to move across the world, pursue our dreams, and create a life we are excited to live. Follow along as we share our journey and try to awkwardly live the dream! 



Bri & Britt

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